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Deck Talk Tuesday-The Color Blog

Colors-like sounds and numbers have a cosmic vibration. That means that each color vibrates on a certain frequency. One that can be measured, and literally felt. That’s why when you see certain colors, you feel/think certain things. For example, the color blue has been psychologically proven to elicit feelings of calm and tranquility. Because of that, brands commonly use blue to demonstrate trust and stability (i.e United Airlines, Wal-Mart, Ford MotorCars). On the other hand, the color red is often associated with danger or caution. This is the reason why STOP signs and other warning signs are typically red. Of course, both blue and red (along with all the other colors)-have a vibrational origin that can be found in nature. Blue for water, and the sky (calm, tranquility), red for blood (danger, caution), yellow for the sun etc.

Understanding the psychology of colors and how they affect each of us is one of many tools that alternative wellness practitioners use with clients. As practitioners, we will sometimes recommend that clients wear a certain color or eat foods of a certain color to improve their mood or balance out internal energies. This process works because each of the colors in the visible spectrum (ROY.G.BIV) are also associated with the 7 energy centers in our bodies. These energy centers are also known as the chakra system.

But you don’t have to be a wellness professional to use color for your personal wellness. There are plenty of easy, simple ways to incorporate color into your daily routine.

If you still want to dive deeper into color therapy, I suggest grabbing the Prism Oracle Color Deck. The Prism Oracle was compiled by Nicole Pivorotto and it will help connect colors to feelings, emotions, and thoughts. You can even pull a few cards and do an intuitive reading for yourself. This deck will make it easy not only to learn the meanings/vibrations of certain colors-but it will also help you make more informed decisions about what colors to include (or exclude) from your daily routine.


Powerful Practice

Today, take a moment to identify 3 of your favorite colors. What do you like about these colors? How do they make you feel? Record you answer. Once you do so, head on over the “Google University” and read a little more about the colors. It will be fun to see if your perception and reality match up.

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