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The "Way of the What"

People are the Way You Experience God....

I became a spiritual practitioner because I am nerd. I have always been interested in world faiths-but not just from the perspective of religion-but from the perspective of mechanics. I was interested in why certain people from certain places believed certain things. For that reason, the Science of Mind Church was super appealing to me. I loved how the church broke down the universal origins or the most basic tenets present in large world faiths.

While pursuing my spiritual practitioner certification, our instructor gave us a sooo many gems. One of them feels painfully relevant for today’s society.

She told us “People are the way in which we experience God.” She told us this is conjunction with the creation story. Breaking down the seven days (from a spiritual perspective), and explaining the significance of Source’s need to create “Man.” Man was designed to be a tool of Source. Man was the way Source was able to be present on Earth every day. That is why Christian Tradition says we are made in “Gods” image. In practicality that means, Source is so big that it needs to express in each of us. That is why we are all so unique. The thought of that brought so much peace to spirit. The idea that Source needed to express through every personality, body type, skin tone, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, etc, etc-felt authentic and true.

That knowledge also made me look at everything and everyone differently.

We talk a lot about how we are the human beings having a spiritual experience. But some of us have yet to: (1) truly internalize what that means (2) extend that knowledge to our perception of others.

Because of that, the adversarial nature between humans continues to arise. Aside from everyone who doesn’t agree with you being a “hater,” we have convinced ourselves that while we are spirit beings-other people are not.

That’s why is so easy for us to attack, disrespect, and devalue each other. We don’t really know depth of our connection to each other orrr Source. This disconnection is counter-Source, and is the cause of so much of the pain we experience personally and collectively. For healing to occur, the narrative needs to shift. And that shift starts with a deep understanding that all sentient beings are an expression of Source (not just the ones you, know and like).

If these last few years have taught me nothing-they have taught me that. Today, I saw the first royalty statement for The Nature Meditations Deck. To know that so many people all over the world have purchased it and allowed “me” into their homes and lives-is so humbling. These people don’t know me. They don’t have any allegiance to me-yet their trust and openness to my work--has shifted the trajectory of my entire life. If that’s not Source moving through people—I don’t know what is.

And this isn’t the only example. If you think about it, there are countless examples of people doing amazing things for you and others.

I share this with you for a few reasons. I want to encourage you to live in the power of this truth-by being a blessing to the world in all the ways you can. When you feel the urge to compliment, support, smile at, love, or put someone on-DO IT. Fast. Never want you to underestimate the power present in your heartbeat.

There is a magic inside you so big, and bright, your body can barely contain it. That’s why it leaks out in your music, writing, mothering, etc.

And second because I want you to allow the divinity of others to be a reminder of the goodness of Source.

Source is everywhere-because Source is in everyone.



And so it is…


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